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Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of FKM O-Rings since 1981

FKM o-rings and sealing gaskets are made of fluorocarbon elastomers and are extensive used over a wide span of industries. The characteristics of FKM o-rings and seals made them highly desirable in many applications. Chemical resistance and temperature range, with a low compression set and durability have made fluorocarbon elastomers a highly sought after compound for a wide range of applications.

Unlike nitrile compounds, fluorocarbon elastomers which are termed fluorinated carbon-based polymers, have the capability to withstand ozone exposure. The temperature range where FKM o-rings and seals are suitable for their use is between -26 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius. Continuing research and development produced series of the material that have enhanced chemical resistance. The desire to have high chemical resistance and low temperature characteristics are unfortunately at opposite ends of the spectrum, with an increase in fluorine content giving rise to enhanced chemical resistance but with a correspondingly reduction in tolerance at low temperature. Research has produced specialty grades of fluorocarbon elastomers where the best of both characteristics can be exploited.

The use of FKM o-rings and seals can be found in the aerospace industry and the automotive industry, and in applications where seals are expected to come into contact with aggressive chemical media at elevated temperatures. FKM, FPM or Viton, are resistant to many chemical media including silicone oil and greases, aromatics, fuel oils, petrol, mineral oils and more.

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